open a magpies!


I feel so fortunate to have had the privilege to both start and successfully grow a wonderful retail brand. I am proud to say that magpies® is now beloved from coast to coast, and we are very aware that many of you desire to open a location in your hometown. 

With great thought and intention, we are now opening magpies® stores beyond Nashville! We invite you to shop our beautiful new licensed location in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, owned by sisters Hannah Harrison and Hailey Stone. We have also opened our first location outside of Tennessee, in one of my favorite towns- Paducah, Kentucky. Owner, Megan Falder, is excited to share the magpies® brand with her community in just a few months!

If you have a heart for our brand and your community, and desire to open a magpies in your town, we invite you to fill out our application to be considered for a location!

To my husband, family, team, angel investor, friends and clients-there are not enough thank you's for your endless support of our company. We continue to step out in faith, and you all continue to wrap your arms around us in every way!

My love and gratitude always,