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Summer is here!

We are so excited to step into a new season with all of you and see what the next chapter of our magpies story holds.

This Spring we shared the exciting news that our store was expanding into the space next door #megamagpies. We are delighted to have the opportunity to welcome you all to our larger and more lovely magpies experience. You'll be able to shop both our stores, in one spot! You will also notice new collections, brands and even a small curation of women's items!

As we head into our 9th anniversary, I am overjoyed to add some much needed square footage so we can DREAM EVEN BIGGER!

Welcome to Magpies®

The magpies® brand began almost 9 years ago through late night talks with my beloved husband, and encouragement from my angel mentor. My team and I have worked tirelessly every moment since to curate the very best in baby, children's, tween, decor and beyond for all of you, near and far! Our goal is always to bring JOY and make your experience here one you'll remember forever. Our team is made of the very best and brightest in our industry, and we invite you to call our Nashville shoppe if you need help navigating anything on our website. While we are thrilled to offer our entire collection online for shopping 24/7, we will never abandon our personal style of kindness & customer service that has made our brand a true treasure. Happy shopping!

Customer Love

Love love this baby store absolutely adorable with the best brands. We are visiting from Kansas and she gave us a Goodnight Tennessee book for free, she was so sweet. She also helped recommend some places for us to visit while we are in Nashville.


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