what to pack in my hospital bag?

Molly was born in December 2020,

and under less than ideal circumstances. Will and I were both C-word positive, and Will was extremely sick. As luck would have it, Molly was ready to enter the world a few days early and just couldn't wait until we were out of quarantine and feeling better.
I woke up on a Tuesday morning and something felt off. I called my doctor and asked to come in and be sure everything was okay. I had a small feeling that Molly would be coming, so I threw a few things in a bag and raced out the door. I drove myself to the hospital, and tried not to panic that I was about to have a baby, and without Will.  In hindsight, this was the best way I could have packed my bag. I didn't have a moment to over think anything. I grabbed the essentials, and it all worked out perfectly!
There is a big to-do around a hospital bag. But my advice is this- pack for comfort, and remember it's just temporary! Plus if you really need something, they likely have it, or you can send your partner out for it. *This wasn't an option for me, because I had the C-word, but I did successfully amazon prime things!

Here's the list I had in my phone that I quickly glanced over as I threw things into the bag and headed off to meet my precious girl!

a few things of note:

1. I was glad my charging cord was extra long. A few friends suggested this, and they were right. You never know in the hospital room where the outlet will be. Get a longer cord.
2. I packed some old cozy jammies-it was a two piece set that buttoned down the front so I could attempt to nurse. They are my favorite jammies, and they are also black. I think black jammies in these circumstances stances are nice. Things are a little messy...
I'll link the jammies here:
3. Pack your own pillow-you'll want it!
And I packed my favorite barefoot dreams blanket. It was so heavenly, and made snuggles extra delicious!
4. Everyone posts all these beautiful pictures of them leaving the hospital looking radiant and stylish. That's wonderful. For me, I was like GET ME OUTTTTTA HERE. I think I took one quick picture, and drove home as fast as possible. When they came in to do the exit paperwork they were like 'WHOA-you're packed?' I have never been more ready to leave somewhere in my life!!
I wore black lululemon align leggings with a loose fitting top from Aerie, and topped off the look with an old beanie from ZARA. I'm not saying I looked my best-but I was comfortable, and saved the picture-perfect look for when Will could be a part of it and our sweet friend Meagan Little could come over.

Bottom line here-don't stress about this outfit, or try to look like you didn't just have a child in pictures. Be comfortable and pack something you feel good about yourself in. You just brought life into this world, whatever you wear will be perfect because you'll be glowing from the inside out!

a few things of note here:

This may freak people out that the checklist is so small. However, the hospital will really have everything you need for baby! Pack a couple outfits, I had both premie and newborn size, a hat or two and some socks. I packed what has now become Molly's security blanket, a paci, and a boppy to help with nursing. I could have done without the boppy. I also packed a carseat canopy thing because ya know, it was a pandemic and TN happened to be #1 in the world the day Molly was born!
I will say, I was glad I packed two outfits. After her sweet little bath she was cold, and needed to wear her little gown under her swaddling blanket to get her body temperature back up. 
I'm sure I had other things in my bag, but these were the only things Molly needed.
Always happy to answer any questions... congratulations mama!
The fun is only just beginning,