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Discovering God In Everyday Moments Devotional Journal

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Celebrate the Presence of the Master Creator in the Simple Things.

Here is a delightful devotional journal that celebrates the presence of the heavenly Father in life's everyday moments.

180 thought-provoking readings will speak to your heart, sharing spiritual truths from God's Word, including:

Discovering God in the Garden, Discovering God While Stuck in Traffic, Discovering God While Observing Children at Play,. . .and dozens more. Discovering God in Everyday Moments Devotional Journal is a great reminder to look for your heavenly Father even in the simple things.

It’s the perfect book to give as a gift or use for personal quiet time.

Size available - 5.5 x 8.

Customer Love

Love love this baby store absolutely adorable with the best brands. We are visiting from Kansas and she gave us a Goodnight Tennessee book for free she was so sweet. She also helped recommend some places for us to visit while we are in Nashville.