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Chomp Chomp Flower

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Chomp Chomp Flower toy is perfect for babies who are teething, improving their ability to reach out and pick up objects and learning how to differentiate between various textures. Because of its unique design, this toy is highly versatile. It encourages babies to grab onto objects, bite into new textures, and play with colorful materials.

The petal portion of the toy is filled with a foil that makes noise when it crinkles, which adds another level to the sensory enhancement it stimulates. It’s a multi-functional toy that serves a variety of purposes for babies throughout the developmental phases of early life!

  • petals made from crackly foil
  • small size and lightweight design make this perfect for tiny hands from birth on up without any worries of them hurting themselves as they gain muscle control.
  • relaxes the chewing muscles and helps with teething
  • easy to clean and can be machine washed on cold (do not tumble dry).
  • measures 3.75" L x 4" W

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Love love this baby store absolutely adorable with the best brands. We are visiting from Kansas and she gave us a Goodnight Tennessee book for free she was so sweet. She also helped recommend some places for us to visit while we are in Nashville.