a very important interview

a very important interview

Over the weekend one of our special local magpies gal pals, C.C., sent me over a list of pretty great questions... and she really got me thinking! After spending some time answering them for her, I thought hey, I should share these with everyone! Hope you enjoy, and learn a little more about me and our magpies story... and special thanks to sweet C.C. for getting my brain churning, my words flowing and my heart re-inspired!

(picture on the left is me+C.C.!) special thanks to Katelyn Brown Photography for capturing the other shots in this post!

1. What made you name the store Magpies?

When I was little my parents and family friends occasionally called me ‘magpie’ … and then I found a sentimental note my husband wrote me when we were in college and he started it with ‘My Sweet Magpie…’

Since I am a local native Nashville girl, I felt it was important to connect myself to the stores, but I also didn't want the stores to be my entire identity. So, I decided not to call it 'Maggie's' but instead 'Magpie's'... it felt personal, youthful, sweet... and SIMPLE!! It's an easy one word name-which is great for branding. *Sidenote: people still mess it up all the time, especially at markets, and call it Maggie-Pies... literally all the time! Which is hilarious!!!

2. Who influences you the most?

Ohhh this is tricky. I really think of myself as a strongly independent person, someone who is not easily influenced. When it comes to the stores, I enjoy paving my own way and being as innovative as possible with the ways we do business. Now... When it comes to me personally, I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that I’m a huge fan of the following people:

Zara Terez, Natalie Chang, Ruthie Lindsey, Natalie Uhling, Mandy Johnson and Tillie Lopez. I definitely allow myself to be influenced by each of their incredible ways-whether it’s their love for the Lord, their insane creativity, their athletic endeavors, or their ability to see beauty in simple moments-each of these women have influence over my life. AND, the probably don’t even know it!! I should probably tell them. It would probably make their day.

On this note. I should also mention…My nieces, Mamie and Eliza, and all the wonderful families and friends who shop and share their stories with us definitely provide constant inspiration.

3. What made you think to open a girls store?

Our neighborhood asked for it every day. Literally every day.

We kept hearing the feedback that Nashville needed a place for girls. So. I listened. I wrote out a list of ideas, and then asked everyone on our team to bring in pictures of themselves when they were age 7-14. We had conversations about how we could make this store not just a place with ‘cute’ clothes and fun gifts, but instead how we could make it something our childhood selves would have loved and benefitted from. We talked about filling a void with quality products, and quality service. We had no idea what it would become, we had no idea that in those conversations we were building something of this magnitude…. but I chalk that up to God, laying his hand on those plans and turning it into something we all needed, and something we have all been able to gain great happiness from.

4. Are you the owner of both stores?

Yes! And so proud to be… these stores are like my children! They are my vision. They are my ideas. They are a true extension of my soul. AND. They are run by an incredible team of women who believe in me, and in all my wild ideas, and they champion every single thing I throw their way with grace and excellence. Most days it all just feels like a dream... and I get to work alongside my BFF's! How cool?!?!

5. Do you like to work at Magpies?

no. I LOVE IT!!! It literally gets me outta bed in the morning. It has fulfilled my wildest dreams, allowed me to share the company of the greatest people my life has ever known, and it keeps me deeply inspired to explore all possibilities no matter how big and scary and crazy they see,!