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well six months later...

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actually it's been more than six months.

so we need to do some major recapping:: and the best way to do that is with few words, and LOTS of pictures!

January: went to markets... a ton of markets. Basically I blinked and it was over. It was kind of a crummy month to be honest. The excitement of the Holidaze settled, I was pretty tired, and frankly I woke up most days feeling like I needed a nap. YIKES!

February: NEW MONTH. and a GREAT ONE::

Valentines inspired gifts from Bando:check out that giant heart bag!! It was a MAJOR HIT! We welcomed a new line of sweet treats from Sugarfina-they are DELICIOUS. The Summer collection is in stock now. We had a SUPER rad craft day and we had the pleasure of releasing a new magpies bag designed by two new magpies girls!

March and April: Spring Break and Easter...

Swimwear landed: our best designs so far. We have a few remaining, all at 30% off! Easter baskets were filled to the brim with the most adorable bunnies, and a new Dino inspired window was installed. We have one Giant T-Rex still in stock for purchase, he's a whopping 4ft tall!! AND, how could we forget, we got in a glorious shipment from Little Unicorn!

Just when we thought the Summer calm was upon us:: kickee launched 3 new waves of patterns, blabla released LOADS of new dolls AND the jungle cutest finger puppets! Magpies gifts and art and lovies were wrapped up by the dozens, and now I'm about to head to market for CHRISTMAS. It's kinda crazy. My brain can't concentrate most days.

Before I get into full blown market mode...

See below: that's one of those kickee shipments I'm talking about! The minty green hues were a HUGE hit. Chewbeads has a new selection of teething rings which we have restocked about 10 times, and yes, they are currently in stock! Kyte baby sleepsacks officially became A MUST-HAVE for all new moms.

Summer resale treasures continue to hit the shelves... and we'd be crazy fools not to mention how incredible it was this Spring to watch our Preds dominate their way into the Stanley Cup Finals. Our magpies+preds shirts were a HUGE hit, and we raised over $200 for Best Buddies of Middle TN! WAHOO!!!


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