local momma inspiration: katelyn brown

local momma inspiration: katelyn brown

we are fortunate to live in a city exploding with talented creatives, SO many of which are women, specifically mommas. we find constant inspiration from moms who manage to juggle life, marriage, family, and career all with grace, joy and energy. honestly, they blow our mind! these women are a gift to us, their stories are special, their talents are REAL and every one of them needs to be known and celebrated.

we are back this week celebrating another local momma: KATELYN BROWN. 

katelyn captures life's sweetest moments in the most authentic of ways. every picture evokes emotion, and tells a little story entirely on its own. her talents lend themselves to babies, children, families, weddings, spaces...basically if you need a picture taken, holler at our girl. she also was gracious enough to answer a few of our "momma love" questions which you can read below. 

katelyn stopped by magpies a few weeks ago and snagged the latest and greatest from our little unicorn spring collection. A few hours later happiness filled our inbox when these photos arrived, capturing her precious son snuggle up in his new dino quilt.

katelyn has the sweetest 'naptime' series constantly running on her facebook page. it's kinda our favorite thing ever. you get an honest peek into daily life, and quiet moments that she shares with her sleeping son. we laugh, we smile, and we all get baby fever!

i mean look at these... the sweetest! her little guy is so lucky to have a running photo documentary of his life!

here are some of our faves... (the kids and the pictures!)

we all love a good half naked baby picture... especially when it's this little round rolly nugget, our friend Field!

it's a true delight to see a little peek into a baby's room...especially when the nursery shot features of our newest little unicorn swaddle, ground control!

and here's a moment with katelyn....

What gives you the most joy as a mama?

It is truly amazing to look at Rutledge and see myself and my husband in him. He is a mama's boy right now and I am loving every second of it. There is no greater joy than the love you have for your child, I could literally eat him.

Whatss one thing that keeps you sane? / How do you find balance?

I have a pretty great support system. My husband and my family are the best. Rutledge is the only grand baby on both sides, so we've got it pretty made when it comes to babysitters and help whenever we need it. Luke and I try to get out as much as we can and by "out" I mean go to dinner then come home.

It's also nice to have something of my own, like my photography. It is my outlet. It gets me out of the house and lets me be creative and do something for myself.

What's your FAVE kid friendly activity in Nashville?

Rutledge is still pretty young, he is just now starting to get interested in things. We frequent Sevier Park a lot since we live so close and Rutledge loves all things dirt and outdoors. We are ready to hit the pools this summer, we love the water.

What's your most embarrassing mom moment/mom fail?

I feel like I have a mom fail everyday, Rutledge pooped in the bath again last night. The worst though, was a plane ride home from Colorado that Rutledge literally LOST HIS MIND on. He was sound asleep and I was so proud of myself then all of a sudden he woke up and was very angry and upset. His ears had popped and he had an ear infection so he was extremely mad. He literally screamed and kicked for the duration of the flight (45 minutes). All of the flight attendants were trying to help calm him down and I looked like I had just jumped in a pool I was so soaking wet with sweat. It was awful. I was that mom. He was that baby. Nightmare.

How much does your tooth fairy pay?

We are not to the tooth fairy stage yet, but I'm sure she will be cheap! ha.

Do you ever order off the kids menu?

For myself? Heck no, that would be an appetizer for me. I can eat a lot, I live for food. Rutledge doesn't even really eat off the kids menu. He does not like most things toddlers like. He won't touch cheese, macaroni or sandwiches which cuts out most of the kids menu. So, we usually just order him what we know he will eat, sweet potatoes, broccoli, ribs, guacamole or a med rare steak. Yeah, I know, I have created a baby food snob.

Why are kids sticky?

Rutledge doesn't get the chance to get sticky, I am that crazy mom wiping his hands after every bite. Because I know if it is on him its going to end up all over me. I am sure that will change when I have another child. Kids are a hot mess.

How many legos have you stepped on?

No legos here! Cars, cars and more cars.

Who/What is your greatest influence?

My family. We are a close tight knit crew. My siblings are my best friends and my parents guide me through this crazy life. The all have a positive influence on me and make me a better person.

My husband too, I would be completely lost without that man. He is my best friend and my biggest cheerleader.

Best piece of advice from your mama?

My mom gives lots of good advice, I don't typically listen to it all but she gives it. She is one of my favorite humans, I honestly have no idea what I would do without her. I blow her phone up daily.

She has four children! Bless her heart. She knows how this whole parenting thing works. She brings me back to reality when I get stressed out or worked up about something crazy I read on Google. Yeah, I am that girl.

She told me from the beginning to not change and adapt to Rutledges world, but let him adapt to ours. That was the best piece of advice that I took to heart. Your whole world shouldn't just change because you bring a baby into the world, they should just be a new part of it.

you can follow katelyn on instagram for a daily thread of happiness, @katelynbrownphotography 

you can also reach her via email: katelynbrownphotography@gmail.com //phone: (615) 533-4845

all photos from katelynbrownphotography.com