​1,554 words. You should read them…

​1,554 words. You should read them…

What’s the news…the fuss…ALL this excitement, for WHAT!?!

Well. You have inspired us in a BIG way over the past year and a half. And. Your kids are growing up. They’re not just growing up, they’re growing OUT of magpies! Ugh, it’s the worst! Sadness! Our hearts and our brains got wrapped around your feedback, your stories, and your growing families…and we were like wait. You love us, and we love you, and it’s been a match made in freaking heaven, we MUST do something about this!

SOOO… This Summer we are launching a new division of the magpies brand: THE GIRLS SHOPPE

WHAT?! Yes! A totally new space and place for girls to shop new clothing, gifts and accessories. A space all their own, designed for them, and with so much love and positivity seeping through the walls that we’ll take the edge off the most awkward years of their life. There’s going to be loads of community collaborations, opportunities to elevate the lives & dreams of our local girls, and we have exciting charitable partnerships in the pipeline!

WHO?! Magpie girl is designed with you and your daughters in mind. The focus is girls ages 6-14. And it’s the GOOD stuff. I have been to every market, scouring the country for brands, and clothes, and styles, and gifts, and goodies that you AND your daughter will both love. You have trusted us to help you find amazing pieces for your children-from smocked options to playwear and everything in between. And now the journey can keep going, in true magpies style!

WHEN?! Summer 2016! The best way to stay looped in, and not miss a beat is with our weekly email, and be sure to follow us on Instagram for sneak peeks: @magpiesnashville

WHERE?! Same shopping center! YASSSSSSS! Many of you know that our friend, the amazing Maria, recently retired from Anatra Jewel. Well, she left us her good juju, and magpies girl will be opening up in her gorgeous former space, only a few doors down: Insert ALL the praise hand emojis!! AND yes, duh! Magpies baby and children’s shoppe is staying put in it’s happy home. More details on this below…keep reading!

WHY?! Why not? Seriously! We’ve already stepped out into the land of 24/7 vulnerability, what’s one more risk?! We started making notes EVERY time one of our guests asked us to open a store for their older daughters. We heard the overwhelming feedback for months, and we’ve been dreaming up ideas since last October. If you look around Nashville, there are a million great places to shop women’s clothing, home décor, even our pets have numerous stores! But what about our girls? We thought- UH YEAH! Let’s give them more great choices too!!!

Also. These years were a struggggle on the struggle bus every day for me. I hid Cheetos under my bed. I wore socks with Birkenstocks. My haircut, OMG, there are no words…well, actually, it was like a hybrid mullet. LORD how did I survive?! (see throwback photo above: sun visor+braces+awesomely bad bathing suit...the posture alone says it all!!) I have been asking myself every day what would it look like to create a space for girls to shop and hang, and learn to love themselves in this season of life? What would it look like to pump the place with upbeat girl-power tunes, and flood the walls with framed art featuring positive vibes and good words? What would it look like to create a space run by women who aren’t committed to being perfect and don’t base their self worth on their selfie? This would look like an awesome space to nurture and grow (and obviously clothe) the next generation of boss babes, leaders, creatives, and moms. Sure, Magpies Girl will sell clothes and gifts and accessories, but we will also be dishing out a whole lotta lovin’ and kindness and community for your girls.

What about our boys…they’re growing up also!? Ugh. Sorry friends. Between the school uniforms and the UnderArmour, there’s not much room for little magpie. We love you, and your boys…we’re grateful for you, and your boys…we just can’t compete with the giant nike swoosh and the bright orange crew socks! Lol. I’ve always thought I was destined to be a boy mom-I think opening the girls shoppe totally sealed this fate. I probably have lots of neon logo sportswear and Steph Curry jerserys in my future!!

**We’ll never say never to creating a super cool spot, for our super cool dudes…it’s just not in the cards right now.

What does this mean for magpies baby and children’s shoppe?

Nothing crazy is changing over here… honestly, we’re going to keep the little engine that could chugluglugging along, and even better than before! We’re still operating the resale section-you love it, we love it, it’s fun to see what gently loved pieces make their way into the shoppe each week. Boutique clothes are lovingly and well made, and they deserve a few good wears, right? Mondays will continue to be reserved for resale drop offs, so give us a buzz and let us buy your gently loved items today!

Anything else in the pipeline for the baby and childen’s shoppe?

Why yes, so glad you asked! When we originally opened magpies, our gift section catered mostly to baby…it has gradually grown thanks to all of you, your feedback, and the needs of our community. We’ll move out the goodies for our older girls, and that’s going to free up space for even MORE items for baby and child! We love being your go-to spot for brands like blabla, barefoot dreams, kickee pants, Fiona Walker, little unicorn and more. This increase in space will allow for us to grow these brands, and test new ones! I spend a lot of Sundays and Mondays throughout the year traveling and exploring other cities. I love finding new vendors and makers, and realizing product voids in our city. The baby and children’s shoppe is only going to get even better; and last time we checked 24 amazing moms are currently registered with us-we have to have plenty of items to help celebrate and welcome all these new babies!!

With any new adventure there is a great amount of unknown…

Um. Like pretty much everything is unknown to me right now, for example: how am I going to do THIS? REALLY, how am I going to operate two stores. AND an online store. And be the awesome, super rad boss girl that I want to be? OH, and what about my cute hubby-how am I going to keep cooking him dinners and cleaning the house, caring for the garden and maintaining our household needs?...jk, I literally never do any of those things! But what will OUR life look like? Scheduling dates on the google calendar? Whatever works, right? And what about ME, and my sense of identity? When you own a small business, you basically ARE the business. And that’s cool, I get it, I’ve embraced it. But behind the blue door, and underneath the mounds of emails, orders and to-dos, there’s a real girl who really exists and is constantly trying to find herself in the hustle and bustle of this growing brand. And the brand… how is the brand going to transition? Will this new generation of guests like our vision, adhere to the styles we have curated for the collection, and get on board with our whacky sense of humor and zest for fun, adventure and happiness? Basically, I feel like I’m walking into the same uncharted waters I ventured out into exactly two years ago when I was writing up all the plans for magpies baby and child. Only this time, I have ALL of you. Each and every one of you who has loved me, loved my team, loved this brand, and gotten full force behind us. Every time that little self doubt bird lands on my shoulder, I try my best to think of you and your families. I may have been the one to open this business, but all of you and your stories have molded it into this beautiful, magical place that is far greater than I ever could have imagined.

OMG…our people are everything!

You are all a part of this journey, and this little magpie story. And since you’re all on this crazy train with us, I ask you each for grace, kindness and patience; your continued love, support and encouragement; and for YOU-keep showing up for us, your presence is THE greatest gift. I have never committed to being perfect, and THIS journey and THESE stores will be far from it. But I’m real. And I’m working REALly really hard to see Nashville have smart options, cool brands, sustainable products, and a positive place for YOU and your families to grow and to shop. And somehow, in those daily commitments, I know we will never need to worry about being perfect. We will be serving you to the best of our abilities, and letting God worry about the rest. Jesus take the wheel, right?

All my love and thanks and gratitude.


PS: please tell everyone you know. The lease is signed, we are opening this summer, and like all small businesses, we don’t have a huge marketing budget! Love youuuuuuu!!

special thanks for katelyn brown photography for these super fun shots! jewelry is from atlanta based designer, gunner and lux. gifts, bags and yoga mat are ban.do